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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Path of struggling to get knowledge.

Know you e'er intellection why we are brought up in a elite where education means everything? From day one we are pushed in the path of struggling to get knowledge. Whether it's our parents, siblings, relatives or friends; everyone who has been finished the transform of acquisition, encourages us to hap added and follow higher upbringing by maintaining best grades.

You may cogitate it's because this appreciation is a friendly norm or since everyone is doing it, you bang to examine their execute. Nevertheless, there is more to educating yourself than but due to party pressures.
It is indeed felicitous for us that we are inheritors of the glorious establishment of Islam. Beingness Muslims of pristine faith, we are subjected to accomplishing the tasks appointed to us by our Creator. One of these gratifying duties includes the attainment of knowledge.

The real introductory verses of the Consecrated Qur'an that were revealed to the Seer / Mohammad (PBUH) clearly indicate the importance of pedagogy in Muslimism.

"Register. Have in the refer of thy Noble who created; [He] created the hominal being from murder coalesce. Interpret in the constitute of thy Noble who taught by the pen: [He] taught the fallible being what he did not screw." (96: 1-5)

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